9 to 5 Jobs

Here with a bit of humor for the peeps doing the 9 to 5.

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Launching soon: 50 shades of grey for men

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Quitting your job for Google AdSense

Is Google shaping the future of online business?

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Capitec loans

Capitec offers a simple solution to all your financing needs (Capitec loans) at the lowest possible rate. This is because of Capitec’s vast customer base as a result of which the bank is able to reduce its per head costs by spreading its administrative expenses over a large number of people.

Capitec also offers their Global One service that allows you to handle all aspects of financial management in one go. Basically, Global One includes 3 types of services that an average South African will need to avail over the course of his life.

The first is the need to transact on a daily basis, either to transfer money online or to pay utility bills at a click of a button. The second is the need to save. Of course, every individual who plans for his future saves his money as well to earn a decent rate of return. Capitec also provides access to as many as 4 unique savings funds and plans.
Lastly, individuals will also need to avail credit at various points in their life, perhaps to construct a house, pay for medical emergencies or their children’s university fee. All these services are provided to clients under Capitec’s Global One scheme.

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Clientele Loans

Clientele loans are mainly focused on providing liquidity to people who find themselves cash strapped by the end of the month, just before their monthly salary is due. Expenses add up: dining at favourite restaurants with the kids every week to increasing maintenance costs of the vehicle and home. Almost every individual is finding his salary to be insufficient, particularly in these post recessionary times.
This is where Clientele Loans proves its usefulness. With loan amounts ranging from R3,000 to R120,000, Clientele boasts of diversity – in the loan principal, repayment schedule, financing needs and how you use the loan.

Clientele Loans

The interest rate is also fixed, proving adequate security at a time when interest rates are likely to be reset upwards which allows families and individuals to budget for their loan repayment schedules.

Since the entire loan package is so flexible, it would be unfair not to expect other details to be as simple. The loan can be applied for online using the links on the website which means it can be done on any of the 7 days of the week.

The loan also requires zero collateral thus freeing individuals of the hassle to present one to the institution. This also allows people with few assets to apply, enabling them to grow and prosper. However, as is the condition of all banks, all South Africans who apply for the loan must be of legal age. Other salary limits may apply which are contingent upon the amount you wish to borrow.


clientele coans

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Standard bank credit card

Standard bank credit card – Standard Bank offers a multitude of credit cards for its clients who come from different backgrounds and have varying requirements. For example, there are three categories in which all credit cards can be divided into.
The first category is what would encompass conventional credit cards. There are also 4 cards on offer depending upon what income levels applicants have and how much they wish to spend via their credit card.

The next category is for those who love to travel. It is the British Airways credit card that offers multiple rewards for its well-travelled users. It is accepted at major worldwide business and tourist destinations and can be used to purchase air tickets, book hotels and for shopping sprees.

The last category is for those who love to travel by road or have to frequently make road trips. This is the Garage card that can be used to pay for petrol and toll taxes. The benefit behind this card is that it offers rewards such as fuel payment discounts etc and can be linked to your primary credit card.

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SA Multi Loans

SA Multi Loans: With a strong banking channel of 150 branches all over South Africa, SA Multi Loans offers a variety of loan packages to its esteemed clients all over the country.

Financial aid has become somewhat of a requirement in recent times especially because of the performance of the global economy. Many companies have reduced their workforce, leaving many out of pay cheques or drastically low income levels. In this case, before families are able to bounce back on their feet, loans that provide financial stability have become a necessity.

SA Multi Loans recognizes this predicament and offers small liquidity injections or loans for up to six months. The amount that is offered in this package is R15,000.

sa multi loans

SA Multi Loans

Since the bank is sensitive to the needs of cash-strapped clients, blacklisted people are also considered for loans. This is something that is offered exclusively to SA Multi Loan clients, since many banks hesitate and conduct a long process of due diligence before consider the loan application of a blacklisted person.

Long term loans are also provided particularly for those who would like to build credible credit history. To build credit, blacklisted individuals needs to apply for a loan with SA Multi Loans and make their monthly payments on time. Gradually this process will build good history for them.

Applying for SA multi loans

To apply, the individual must be a local South African with a valid national identity. Of course this also means that the applicant is required to be of legal age. Loans can be applied for online, without the applicant having to take a special break from a busy work schedule to visit the bank.
Also, SA Multi Loans (now known as Bridge Loans) provide cell phone contracts at feasible rates. This is also for those who are looking for the latest technology every month and replace their phones for new models.

sa multi loans

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Google cloud computing

Cloud computing is definitely changing the way we use our data. Here is an amazing video from Google enticing us a bit about the Google cloud.

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Socially Responsible Capitec

When you bank with Capitec, a chunk of your money goes to the needy communities around South Africa. Corporate Social Responsibility and Investments are crucial to stabilizing an economy, and there is nothing better than a bank supporting various social causes because it is better able to analyze the most profitable ventures that are likely to benefit the community at-large.

The particular projects undertaken by Capitec promote job creation and skills training, effectively allowing people to earn more money and become responsible citizens of society. Similarly, education grants may be given to the deserving youth so that the individuals can contribute positively in the long run.

Other communities such as aged people or those that are less fortunate are also taken care of by Capitec. So ensure you bank with this bank and make a small but positive impact on your environment and help make the world a better place, one by one.

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